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Oct 8, 2018

review: colorverse astrophysics black hole

We're starting the journey into sample territory now! Most of the ink reviews I have coming up are samples, because I have a drawer full of ink and it is a serious problem.

Colorverse is a newer company that's based in South Korea. Inks are released in "seasons" and  usually come in two or four bottle sets. In the two bottle sets, there's a 65 ml bottle and a small 15 ml bottle, both in the same shape. Some sets have the same ink in both bottles, but other split it into two separate inks.
Colorverse inks are expensive. For 80 ml total, you're looking at spending about USD$35—a four bottle set is 60 ml and about USD$55. It's true that the inks come with little doodads like stickers and punch-out bookmarks and pen stands, but still. I've heard that it's very difficult to ship liquids out of South Korea, but still. I think it's a fun concept especially with the seasons, but I'm always a little wary of companies that offer you some little additions as justification for an astronomical (ha!) price.

I purchased my sample from Pen Chalet, which has a point redemption system for purchases. You get one point for every $10 you spend on the site, or two points if you purchase on the 24th of each month. Once you reach 20 points, you can spend those points on a bottle of ink. I only ever purchase samples nowadays (this is me looking forlornly at my ink drawers), so it'll be a while until I can get a bottle of ink, but it's still an option for you ink guzzlers out there.

Colorverse Black Hole is a no-frills black ink with hints of purple.

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Black Hole has some water resistance. It will absolutely run everywhere if you spill water on it, but I think enough of your text will be left behind to be readable. Surprisingly, Black Hole dried to the touch within 60 seconds.

Black Hole has an interesting silvery shimmer. Against the ink's true color it almost looks like Black Hole never dries. It doesn't shade at all.
Black Hole looks about the same on the page in natural light as in the scan, though it is a bit darker. You can't really tell that there's a purple tint to the ink unless you smear it or get it wet.
I don't actually own any black inks, because I think they're kinda boring. I can't really compare Black Hole to anything except maybe Noodler's Air Corp Blue Black? But that's not really a comparison, just me throwing stuff around.

Colorverse inks are pretty cool—as eye candy. I don't think I would ever purchase a full set. It's just too out of my budget, and even with the extras it doesn't seem like a great deal to me. C'est la vie!

Where to buy

I purchased this sample from Pen Chalet.

I've had a bottle of ink sent to me by Pen Chalet, but I'm not sponsored by them at all. Just sharing a little way to earn stuff on the purchases you're probably already making!

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