review: colorverse dark energy - ink between the teeth

Apr 22, 2019

review: colorverse dark energy

More Colorverse! I sure hope y'all aren't sick of these inks, because I still have a couple more to go.

This ink is part of Colorverse's Astrophysics series, which is inspired by the deeper portions of space. I've talked plenty about Colorverse inks in the past, so I won't rehash my thoughts here.

Colorverse Dark Energy is a burgundy color.
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Dark Energy has a decent amount of water resistance. You'll lose a lot of the color, but there's still enough to read.

This ink was dry by the 45 second mark in a Japanese medium nib.

There's a little bit of shading, but not enough for me to call it a shading ink in the nib sizes that I used/
On Tomoe River paper, there's plenty of green sheen but still no shading.
I compare it to a lot of reds and red-browns I have in my collection. To my eye, there's very little that differentiates Colorverse Dark Energy from Hubble Zoom. If you have one, you definitely won't need the other. Inks like Diamine Rustic Brown and Bungubox Clown Teardrop are both too deep and red. Sailor Jentle Grenade and TAG Kyo no Oto Adzukiiro are both much redder and lighter.

I have this ink in my PenBBS 309 with a Nemosine broad nib. This is a wet pen, so very few inks perform badly in it. Dark Energy is no different! It's a great combination to reach for.

Dark Energy isn't a color I would go out of my way for—it's nothing special to me. However, it performs well like other Colorverse inks, so it's definitely a great option if you like this color!

Where to buy

I received a sample of this ink 'cause I work at JetPens!

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