review: pilot iroshizuku tsutsuji - ink between the teeth

Jul 29, 2019

review: pilot iroshizuku tsutsuji

Pilot Iroshizuku inks come in sets of three 15 ml bottles or a single 50 ml bottle. Sometimes I get htis very powerful desire to buy a bunch of empty Iroshizuku bottles so that I can have matching ink bottles in my drawers. Wishful thinking.

Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji is a bright purple-tinted pink.

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This ink has a little bit of water resistance, but not much. It blurs when it touches any moisture.

Tsutsuji is well-behaved like other Iroshizuku inks, and takes under 30 seconds to dry.

It has a little bit of shading, but not much, and it really only stands out in broader nibs. I could see a tiny bit of gold-red sheen on Kokuyo MIO paper, but not much.
On Tomoe River paper, Tsutsuji has a wonderful golden sheen to it.
I don't really use pinks and purples that often, so compared to what I have in my collection Tsutsuji is very Out There. Sailor Jentle Grenade is a dark purple-tinted red. Kyo no Oto Adzukiiro and Diamine Rustic Brown are deep brown-reds. Robert Oster Signature Astorquiza Rot is a brighter red. Kyo Iro Keage no Sakurasagane is a purplish-pink with more purple to it.

I have this ink in my Nagasawa Kobe Proske with a music nib, which couldn't struggle with an ink if it tried. It's a lovely, slightly wet combination, and I somehow used the entire fill of Tsutsuji without getting sick of it. Small wonders.

I love Iroshizuku inks, and while Tsutsuji isn't quite up my wheelhouse I can see its beauty. I'm not a pink person usually, but hey—a little bit of it never hurt anyone.

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