review: diamine 150th anniversary safari - ink between the teeth

Aug 5, 2019

review: diamine 150th anniversary safari

Let's look at a Diamine ink!
Diamine inks come in a plastic 30 ml bottle or a glass 80 ml bottle. They're a nice, utilitarian bottle size and style.

Diamine Safari is a khaki green color.
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Diamine Safari has a little bit of water resistance, but not much. Water will obliterate most of you writing.

This ink dries quickly, in under thirty seconds on Kokuyo MIO paper.

There's a little bit of shading, but not very much.
There's a vague amount of shading on Tomoe river paper, but no sheen. It looks a lot darker here, which might've been because I did this writing sample with a freshly-inked pen.
I compared this ink to a couple other brown-greens that I have. Noodler's Burma Road Brown is pretty close, though a tad browner. Nagasawa Kobe Sorakuen Tea Green is much brighter. Robert Oster Signature Bronze looks quite brown, but in use it's more green (though still not very close).

I have this ink in my Kaweco Sport with a broad nib. No issues here: it flows well and does a good job!

Where to buy

I received this ink as a sample from a pen pal.

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