November 2017 - ink between the teeth

Nov 27, 2017

review: takeda jimuki TAG kyo-iro gion no ishidatami (京彩祇園の石畳)

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review: takeda jimuki TAG kyo-iro gion no ishidatami (京彩祇園の石畳)
Here's the last of my Toronto ink samples! Thanks for waiting, if you've been holding out on these ones. Let's go ahead and get started.

Nov 20, 2017

some ink reviewer recommendations

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some ink reviewer recommendations
A bit of a lighter post for this week, as those of us in the US get ready for Thanksgiving festivities (and I make my way back home for a well-deserved break). I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ink reviewers that I've managed to stumble across. I hope you give them a visit!

Wondernaut does some of the best ink reviews I've ever seen, with a level of depth and technical knowledge (they have gradient swatches—whaaat?) that I would be amazed if I could do even a fraction of.

Kelli McCown at Mountain of Ink also does some incredibly detailed reviews, using multiple kinds of paper as well as some gorgeous handwriting to show off shading and sheen. They're also one of the most prolific reviewers I've ever seen, with a post practically every day.

And you're probably following Fountain Pen Inks & Bleach's Nick Stewart already, but just in case you haven't, they're your go-to for some of the more artistic ink review. It's all in the title: by applying bleach to inks, you can get some pretty sweet results.

I get far too many redirects to this humble blog from Ana Reinert at The Well-Appointed Desk to not point you in their direction. While Ana doesn't focus specifically on inks, I still appreciate the perspective from a fellow lefty.

There are tons more reviewers out there that certainly don't get enough credit, but this post would stretch for miles if I got the chance. Let me know if you have recommendations for excellent pen, ink, and paper blogs; I'm always looking to add to my Feedly.

I'll see you back on the blog here next week!

Nov 13, 2017

five months with the stalogy 365 a6 notebook

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five months with the stalogy 365 a6 notebook
I've been using a bullet journal since July 2017. I'm a fairly recent convert, but my planner has changed quite a bit since the first time I drew out a habit tracker. Shall we take a dive?

Nov 6, 2017

review: sailor jentle rikyu-cha

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review: sailor jentle rikyu-cha
Let's delve right in for this next one, shall we?