review: robert oster signature bronze - ink between the teeth

Oct 14, 2019

review: robert oster signature bronze

Hey, another Robert Oster ink!

I've been a pretty big fan of Robert Oster since I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Motor Oil courtesy of Pen Chalet. Since then, I've tested out a variety of colors, and they always seem to impress!

Robert Oster Signature Bronze is a pretty interesting ink. It can't seem to decide if it's a green-brown or perhaps a dark khaki shade.
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Getting this ink wet showed an interesting red-brown shade beneath the green. I imagine this iss why it looks a little more brown on some papers. Well, the waterproof test should also show you that this ink really doesn't like water. Most of it washed off just with a few drops.

This ink didn't take too long to dry on Kokuyo MIO paper. It was pretty much done by the fifteen second mark.

There isn't very much shading or sheen.
On Tomoe River paper, this ink seemed to want to be a dark green shade. It's quite pretty, although it doesn't show any shading.
I've compared it a bunch of colors here. Colorverse Valles Marineris is pretty darn close, though it's a bit more... brownish, perhaps? Sailor Jentle Rikyu-cha is perhaps also somewhat similar. The other colors I've compared it to are not quite there. Colorverse JFK'S Dog Pushinka is much more brown, and the others are just what I would call green.

I had this ink in my Lamy AL-Star with a 1.1 mm nib. I think it really brought out the nuances of this ink. It's a fun color, yet it also has a nice amount of sophistication. I think it would be a good match for a professional who wants to elevate the standard black ink to a new level.

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