review: robert oster signature khaki - ink between the teeth

Oct 21, 2019

review: robert oster signature khaki

Robert Oster Khaki is such a fascinating color. Let's take a deeper look at it.

I've been really enjoying the Robert Oster inks I've been able to get my hands on. None of them have really disappointed. My wonderful penpal Phillip sent me a batch of inks a while ago, and sadly Khaki was one of the inks that had turned into a sludge in the vial. Who knows what the cause was, but I ended up purchasing a new sample of Khaki. This review was done with the new vial.

Robert Oster Signature Khaki is something like a green-brown.
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Robert Oster Signature Khaki has very little water resistance. Most of it will wash away very easily.

On Kokuyo MIO paper, it took under thirty seconds to dry.

Khaki has some interesting shading here. It's not very much, but there's something very... charming about it.
It's a bit more clear on Tomoe River paper. I personally think this color is gorgeous. It has a wonderful vintage feel to it.
I compare it to some of the other greenish-browns that I have. Surprisingly, not a single one is close. Robert Oster Khaki is quite a bit more yellow-green than the other options I have. It's a very unique shade.

I have this ink in my Fuliwen 20 with an FPR nib (review coming soon!). I haven't had issues with this pen, and it's a very reliable writer. I like the size and shape of it in my hand, and it performs well—even after I ran some of the sludgey Khaki through it.

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