review: j. herbin vert réséda - ink between the teeth

Apr 2, 2018

review: j. herbin vert réséda

Ooh, bottle in sunlight!

I own J. Herbin Vert Réséda in the 30ml bottle. I don't think I've shared a photo of this bottle yet. It's a square shape, and quite flat. On the top, there's a dip where you can place a dip pen. It's probably too skinny for you to put a fountain pen (I think the Pilot Metropolitan just barely fits), but it was built for the J. Herbin glass pens.

These bottles are fairly hard to fill from after a couple of fills. They're quite flat, and because they're rather wide they're a little difficult to tip on a corner. I would suggest putting it in another bottle, like a sample vial, in order to make it easier for yourself. The nice thing is that the bottle opening is very wide, so you probably won't have any issues putting a pen in. It's also very stable because of its square, flat shape.

Vert Réséda is a bright blue-green color, a bit more green.
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In the scan above, the ink looks more blue and pastel than it should. Here's a picture in natural light, which shows off the slight green tone and vibrance better.
This ink has no water resistance. In very heavy applications you can get a little sheen, but not enough for me to call this a sheening ink. There's a little bit of shading too, but definitely not a lot.
I compare it here to SKB Stone Green and Diamine Marine, neither of which are quite close. Marine is more blue and a little deeper, while Stone Green is far too green.

I've put this ink in a couple different pens, but most recently my Kaweco Skyline Sport with a broad nib. I think my Sport has an issue with ink starvation, because it writes smoothly and with great flow until it just doesn't anymore. In this pen, Vert Réséda flowed quite nicely. It was neither wet nor dry. I think it was a nice match for my mint Sport.

I enjoy this ink, though it's not very usable. It might be a nice highlighter ink. I'm a person who doesn't care if my writing ends up being practically unreadable (my penmanship is bad enough), so I enjoy using it for things like journal entries and writing letters. My penpals really deal with so much, don't they?


  1. I wanted to like this ink, but it was too light for me too. My favorite teal ink is still Kobe #44 Marchais Blue, a bright fun color but more legible.

    1. Yeah, I totally understand that! It's definitely a pretty color, but it's just a bit too light, I think. Maybe if it was a bit more saturated it would be easier to use.

      Marchais Blue is absolutely gorgeous! It looks a bit like Diamine Marine, which is an ink I own; it's way easier to read than Vert Reseda!