review: kwz ink honey - ink between the teeth

Dec 3, 2018

review: kwz ink honey

I imagine KWZ's golden brown inks are their most famous, right? So let's go in for another one.

KWZ is an ink made by hand in Poland. It used to be an ink you had to order directly from Konrad Żurawski's website, but now you can get it from a number of retailers.

Honey has a sweet smell to it. Some people have likened it to fake vanilla or vanilla extract, but I can't quite pinpoint what kind of scent it is. It's quite a strong smell, so if you prefer your inks perfectly neutral, I would not recommend many of KWZ's inks. I personally don't find it interesting or offensive, though it does make it easier to figure out which pen has this ink in it. Just sniff.

Honey is a golden brown color.

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Honey has a little bit of water resistance. Most of the brown color gets washed away with water, but a bit of the golden yellow stays behind.

The ink dries pretty slowly. It was nearly done by the 60 second mark. This is a wet ink; it shades well on more resistant papers, but Kokuyo MIO can't quite handle it, so it mutes the shading quite a bit.

I love the shading on this ink. It's definitely much more apparent in broader nibs, but it shifts from a golden yellow to a deep brown that leans a bit orange.
There's a slight amount of silver sheen on Tomoe River paper.
I have a couple of golden brown inks. Robert Oster Signature Marrone Mustard is quite similar, though not quite as dark. Diamine Sepia is much too light. Noodler's Kiowa Pecan is more red. KWZ Cappuccino is darker and cooler. SKB Chapo is lighter and cooler.

I've heard that KWZ's golden brown inks have caused clouding in TWSBI plastic. I'm a bit cautious with what pens I put KWZ in. It worked well in my Lamys without issues, and I currently have Honey in my PenBBS 309. After a few weeks I haven't noticed any issues with my pen.

My PenBBS 309 is a wet writer with its Nemosine broad nib. I quite like the pairing; Honey does well in wetter pens to show off the shading.

If your pens run the luxury gamut, I probably wouldn't recommend KWZ inks. They seem like they may cause issues, and I'd rather you be on the safe side! However, if you take care of your pens well and don't let them sit for years, you should be totally fine.

Where to buy

I purchased this sample from Pen Chalet.

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