review: robert oster signature astorquiza rot - ink between the teeth

Jul 15, 2019

review: robert oster signature astorquiza rot

Here's another Robert Oster ink!

I've been looking at a lot of Robert Oster inks lately. They're well-behaved and have a nice range of colors, though I think they've been focusing a lot on blues. It would be nice to see a little more variance there.

Robert Oster Signature Astorquiza Rot is a dark red that leans slightly purple.
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This ink has a little bit of water resistance. Most of it won't stay on the page, but you might be able to read your writing after a spill.

It doesn't take too long to dry, though. It was done by the 30 second mark on Kokuyo MIO paper.

In a finer nib, this Astorquiza Rot looks a bit more pink. A broad nib suits it well, coming out a much richer tone. There's a little bit of shading, but no sheen to speak of.
On Tomoe River paper, there's a hint of shading but still no sheen.
Robert Oster Astorquiza Rot is an interesting color, so nothing that I have is quite like it. Pilot Iroshizuku is a vibrant pink. TAG Kyo Iro Keage no Sakurasagane is a dusty purple pink (much more purple here than in reality). Sailor Jentle Grenade and Diamine Rustic Brown are both darker and less red. Kyo no Oto Adzukiiro is also darker.

I have this ink in my Lamy Al Star with a 1.1 mm nib. Like other Robert Oster inks, it plays well here. and I haven't had any issues.

Where to buy

My coworker gave me this sample. It's from Goulet Pens.

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